Recorded at ImagineX, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Produced by Mike Bloemendal.
Co-Produced by Aminah Dastan. Salim Dastan on **, ***, ****,Lady,Caravan Trail.
Arranged by Mike Bloemendal, Aminah, Salim on **, ***, ****, Lady and Caravan Trail.
Mixed and Engineered By Mike Bloemendal
Mastered by C.L. Toh at Mastering One.
All songs written by Aminah except * by Aminah and Mike Bloemendal. ** by Salim, Anna and Aminah. *** and **** by Salim and Aminah.
Album Design and Concept by Jon Wee
Photography by Jon Wee
Website by Jon Wee


Black Bird White Cloud: All Instruments by Mike Bloemendal except Harmonica by Zarul.
The spectacular ImagineX Choir: Luke Mason, Atilia, Aminah.

Caravan Trail: All Instruments by Mike Bloemendal except Lead Guitar by Albert Sirimal.
Rhythm Guitar by Salim and Albert Sirimal. Darbuka by Salim.

Rain**: All music by Salim. Added programming by Mike. Violin and programmed vibraphones by
Anna Hill, Lyrics by Aminah.

Let it Slide: All Instruments by Mike Bloemendal except Low Flute and Uilleann Pipes by
Declan Masterson.

Every Empire: All Instruments by Mike Bloemendal except lead guitar by Julian Mokhtar.

So Good: All instruments by Mike Bloemendal except flute and featured vocal by
Kamarulbahri Hussin. Violin by Anna Hill. Synth lines by Aminah and Salim.
Programmed Gamelan by Aminah.

Laid Back*: All instruments by Mike Bloemendal except Rhodes by Anna Hill. Trumpet by Eddie Wen.
Saxophone by Jimmy Sax.

One Mission***: All Music by Salim, Sax by Jimmy Sax. Lyrics by Aminah.

In Silence: All instruments by Mike Bloemendal except Er Hu by Chan Kum Loong.

Lady: All music by Salim Dastan. Spanish Guitar by Mike Bloemendal. Lyrics by Aminah.

Mam and Aba for being the endless heroes always offering strength, a reason to believe and love.
Salim for your faith and all the lessons learned, skin. Your music reflects your soul, outstanding.
Mike, in all of the languages of the world there are still not enough ways to say THANK YOU
for both your belief and integrity. This project is alive because of the excellent musician and
exact scientist in you. Words will never suffice. RESPECT!
Jon Wee for giving so willingly with your creativity and talent.

All of the brilliant musicians who lent their spirit and time to this independent project,
Declan Masterson, Kamarul, Chan Kum Loong, Albert, Luke, Atilia, Julian Mokhtar, Zarul, Jimmy Sax,
Eddie Wen, Anna, Salim, Orla, Micheal and of course Mike.
I hope you all enjoy what we have created.

Thanks to Fazir, Erivy, Micheal, Helen and Prav, Jaco, Asiya, Nike, Ai Ling, Anie and RDA, all of
my friends for inspiration, belief and the good times. Mei Leng for your support and that shimmy
(u too Anis)! The rest of the ImagineX crew, all the best with Elemental! My BIG Irish Family,
and Malaysian cuzzy bros and sis Jamal, Kamal, Zaiton and Zul for shining so brightly.

Thank you for sharing this experience.