First of all, thanks for taking the time to stop by my web-site. I hope you find some information of interest here.

Our parents had exposed me and my brother, Salim, to a broad spectrum of music that had some expression of soul. This early exposure, whilst living in the Liberties in Dublin in our Granddad’s house, instilled an open mindedness and love of all kinds of music, which eventually influenced both of us in our musical directions.

There has always been both the conscious and subconscious connection of wanting to be close to music, listening, feeling it through dance, making music by singing in a quiet space, or the thrill of jamming with other musicians.

I decided in my teens that I’d really like to make music and my life co-exist at some stage, though really had no clue where to begin. Over the years I joined a couple of bands, hung out with and learned from musicians, did gigs, busked with my guitar, even went to a few auditions and so on. But the solid path of music and me never gelled properly as I had other goals to achieve and I suppose I have been saving my best efforts ’til the present. Meantime, real life carried on and I was fortunate in being able to pursue other passions. I studied Environmental Biology in London and after graduation went on the exciting adventure of traveling through South East Asia, some of Europe, Oz and stunning NZ.

I have recently embarked on a journey from Malaysia, my home, where the album was put together with the help of great producers and musicians like Mike and my brother Salim and a wealth of other excellent musicians, to take the whole project to Dublin, my other home. This move was made in the hope that I may learn more about music and be brought closer to achieve better insights on life and sounds.

It’s got to be reassuring in these times of so many levels of imposed fear, designed to divide us, to have music as a reminder of how strong we are when brought together through the infinite, positive sources of our collective humanity.

I hope you enjoy visiting the web-site and will leave your thoughts in the message board. Good luck.

And so on to the next stage of the trail. I’ll keep you posted.