Black Bird White Cloud

Black bird flying solo Think I get where your coming from Gliding high singing your own song No impositions made by you I see you make that break Nothing between your sights and you Yours is the highest high There is no cage can hold you I am Free just looking at you Your liberty rising takes my breath Though I’m grounded my heart is set If living is flying then black bird I’m with you White cloud riding on high Lay my eyes upon the crown of the endless sky Such a rush watching your free fall Then you rise and you do it all again I see you make that break Nothing between your heights and you Yours is the highest high There’s no reigns to hold you If living is flying then white cloud I’m with you

Caravan TrailTook a long ride to wider horizons East and West the beautiful stars If there is one dream its always this The meeting of two worlds in one kiss And the story goes Open road sometimes weary and unknown Still through deserts or snow see the wild flowers grow Whether Raya or Rose Still the wild flowers grow Take me to the wild flowers Caravan trails to the South China Sea Destination ahead is the Journey Eyes that shine of the Emerald Isle Meet the land of a thousand smiles And the journey goes

Rain**Say my name because you feel me Do you see my face when you shut your eyes Do you know my breath upon your skin I’m in deep, I might go deeper I’m knocking let me in Purity without perfection Beauties grace knows your weight Will you seek my flame in a world of darkness In a dry land stretching out for water Our love will bring on the rain.

Let it SlideLove hangover wish it would up and leave me alone Too many pieces Too many chances Happy to make my way out on my own Living the life for me and my own soul Sometimes when you realize the price is too high you’ve got to let it slide Sometimes when the giving in breaks more than you can take you’ve got to walk on by Bleeding emotion Ancient pain with no cure potion Tell me then why you find it hard to look me in the eye, don’t lie Tell me what sort of secret you made last night True confession The giving is up no I wont stay There my weakness lay to sweetness Though I wont be giving in to that this day Be living the life that’s free and I’m ok

Every EmpireHidden Angel I saw Ur Wings today. Clear as the bluest sky. Reach your love out carry peace today. Mercy you mercy me. Clear is the difference between right and wrong, if the cost is life or the loved ones. Spin wont purchase the heart and mind cause scarlet waters uncover these lies. Don’t you listen now to their stories love don’t you give in now to their disease Ready get ready cause hidden angels walk with ease Every Empire to its Knees Sleeping giant I see you rising, standing mighty for the calling cries. Giving to giving peace worrior. Mercy you mercy me. No relief from their totting guns, spilling grief, the fallen sons. Cold indifference makes history blood stained skies their legacy Don’t you listen now… Ready get ready cause rising giants march with ease every empire to its knees.

So GoodGood So good So Good That I can tell you what I think of you in moonlight Of you at ocean of you in Amber and Jade eyes Mystic and Sage You lead my intuition When you take me high on the moment As high as the mighty as deep as your faith you’re believing that its never too late Cause you’re… I want to roll with this ball I’ve been having dancing in time with you I want to untie the wrapping. Spill my surprise I kept close for you Cause you’re…

Laid Back*Laid Back Willing Swinging to the slow side of time Working out lifes curves you gotta take it in your stride Sure as the sunrise promice on the breeze Living for the moment you set yourself free Feel like dancing Dancing too the future feel like moving the Earth that’s at your feet Feel like dancing flying on the inside Light your fire your free Lifted by a picture scripture to meditate the mind Living for the balance your space your time Breathing in the action reflect and unwind Don’t push the pressure Leave it all behind Feel like dancing Dancing to the future feel like moving the earth that’s at your feet Feel like dancing flying on the inside light your fire your free.

One Mission***Under a night sky can I be the only high that’s right Can I be your restlessness? If love is your religion, peace your philosophy We share in this one mission get close to me my sweet You bring the rythem into my rocking ach saving grace We’ll be rocking until the sun runs we’ll ride again. To my passion bring your faith liberate your sake Now we share one desire. You are true as falling rain Shaking my temptation giving into you If love is your religion Peace your philosophy We share in this one mission get close to me my sweet.

In SilenceIn silence In shame Take your license to push the world away betrayed The violence that shakes Even your quiet space, you’re not to blame Suffering silence still I hear you pray For all that I’m not All that I’ve been All that I reach for and the unseen Though there are dreams there have been blessings For all that I am I am Alive For all that I am I am. In memory In blood You running from history to second chances, still you were misunderstood From darkness, Truth ungloved to raise the hand that stays, stays your spilling rage cause you are loved You say

LadyI’ll be your lady but I wont be your savior I am nobodys hero but for you I will come through Should you fall from feet to knees to hands with one eye open I will stand your ground and find a way for words unspoken I’ll be your lady, but I am nobody’s savior You’ve got to walk straight so I can throw you a line each time with only a woman’s hands though they wont hold to no one else When you come to know this for sure you can be my man. I’ll be your lady but I cant be your savior I will walk straight and into everyday with you If you are night light so bright I’ll hold up the sky that you may shine When you are drifting Ill bring you a tide that you may find peace of mind I’ll be your Lady

Incense lullaby****Starlight Midnight casts the story Begun is a tale as yet untold The ship of a Thousand Sails sets to sea With eyes of a peacocks tail told by mystery Far shore carry the waves Hurry the way Light a new day Far as sight As the dream Blue as sea Rainbows fall at your feet